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Y-Switches are an Object in Where's My Water? first appearing in Rising Tide.


  • Y-Switches are an addition to Pipes which change the direct of movement between three Pipes.
  • Typically, Y-Switches will have one input and two outputs. Switching the Y-Switch will change what output is used.
  • Alternatively, Y-Switches will have one input, one output and a plug. When the input is linked to the plug, the Drain will not take in any more Fluids.


Description Sound
Y-Switch is Toggled
Y-Switch Plug Rattles


  • The level Octospout is the level with the most Y-Switches; the total being seven, arranged in such a way that one pipe splits into eight, as hinted by the name (octo meaning eight).
  • Only once has a Y-switch had two inputs and an output (where the disabled input will be ignored) and that is in level C4-8: Crossing Paths.