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Wolfie is a Character from Where's My Water? Featuring XYY and Where's My XiYangYang?. He originates from the Chinese animated television series Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. He features in Wolfie's Story in Where's My XiYangYang? but only appears in the title screen and cutscenes of Where's My Water? Featuring XYY.


Wolfie has been shown to be smart (especially in the field of mechanics) and somewhat cunning, despite his clumsiness. This can be seen multiple times where he has created various inventions, including traps and vehicles. He has also been able to trick the goats on occasion, despite not being successful most of the time in the end.


Wolfie is a gray wolf with an orange beret, a sly grin, a yellow neckerchief, black eyebrows, and some light grey on his ears and the tip of his tail. He also has a scar that has been stiched up on the right side of his face, as well as a small curved notch in one of his ears.



  • His Chinese name, 灰太狼 (Huī Tàiláng), is a pun. "太狼"(Tàiláng) and "太郎"(Tàiláng) shares the same pronunciation in Chinese, while "太郎" is a common Japanese given name, Tarō. Tarō can literally mean "the first son" in Japanese. A Japanese name can sound aggressive in China, which is just suitable for the antagonist. And "灰" (Huī) simply means the color, gray, the same as his fur color.

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