Where's My Water? Wiki
Wiki Rules
"On the Where's My Water? Wiki, every user is expected to follow the rules and guidelines."

Behavior & Communication

  1. Do not swear or use Profanity anywhere on the wiki.
  2. Do treat other users respectfully. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated.
  3. Do not come to this wiki to complain about a block received on another wiki, or follow a user to another wiki to complain about a block here. You can always appeal your block at Community Central.
  4. Do not use any secondary account here, (without permission from an Administrator or Bureaucrat) whether it be used to avoid a block or other reason. They will be blocked and treated as a "Sockpuppet account" or an "Unapproved Secondary Account".
  5. Do not spam when commenting and messaging.
  6. Do not create a Blog or Discussions Post with little to no content.
  7. Do use Blogs or Discussions to advertise your Fanon, but it must contain less than 100 words and can only have a maximum of one image. The main content needs to be under the Fanon: namespace. Learn more about Fanon Guidelines here.


  1. Do not vandalize any pages in anyway. This includes but is not limited to obscene, offensive or false content.
  2. Do not fluff edit, whether it be for the purpose of Wikia Achievements or another reason.
  3. Do not add irrelevant categories to pages. Check their contents and descriptions before adding them to pages.
  4. Do add an edit summary at the bottom of the page before saving.
  5. Do not upload duplicate, low-quality, excessively large or extremely small images.
  6. Do not add information about "hacks" anywhere in the wiki.
  7. Do name images appropriately. Images with generic titles such as "22-9-2011A2-1.jpg" will be renamed or deleted.
  8. Do name Fan Art starting with your username. Example: "(Your Username) (File Name).(File Extension)". Fan Art should only be added to personal pages.
  9. Do keep galleries tidy, don't overfill them and keep them and any captions relevant.

What happens if I break a rule?

Depending on the circumstances, you will either be warned or blocked by an administrator or bureaucrat. You can typically expect to be warned the first time for a rule break, however, if it is clear that you have deliberately broken a rule to harm a user or the wiki, you may be immediately blocked for a period of time.

You can also be warned or blocked for breaking Fandom's Terms of Service.

Questions? Concerns?

Have a question about what you can and can't do? Found someone breaking the rules? Just contact one of our Staff Members! We are always happy to answer your questions and help you out!