Where's My Water? Wiki

There are many resources online where you can get information and communicate with others about the Where's My Water? series.

If you find other websites about the series feel free to share it.

Official Websites

Websites Disney Mobile.png
Disney App Support

Disney App Support is a place where you can find game support for Where's My Water?
Websites Kongregate.png
Where's My Water? 2 Zendesk

Kongregate's support for Where's My Water? 2. It offers a place for community discussion, suggestions and bug reports.
Websites Facebook.png
Where's My Water? Facebook

Where's My Water?'s official Facebook page. A place where updates were formerly announced and where Keys where once exchanged.

Other Websites

Websites Where's My Water? Wiki.png
Where's My Water? Wiki

The Where's My Water? Wiki on Fandom is one of the most in depth knowledge-bases on the series. Open for anyone to contribute and participate in.
Websites Speedrun com.png

Speedrun.com hosts a page for Where's My Water?. Compete against other people around the world!