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April 2022

Take a look at some of the best articles of last month that earned them these medals!

Wiki Medal Gold.png Evil Agents WMP Evil Agent R (Radio).png
Wiki Medal Silver.png Swampy/Swampy's Underground Adventures SUA Swampy.png
Wiki Medal Bronze.png Turfinator WMP Turfinator Off.png


How does an article earn itself a medal? Articles don't need to be perfect, they just need to have been improved! Subpages can count towards the main page.
Aspect Information
Edits Has the article gained more than three quality edits within the month?
Changes Has the article had any major changes that make it significantly better?
User Friendliness Is the page easy to follow and understand? Is it user-friendly?
Grammar Has the article been read over and does it make sense?
Images Has the article had many images added to it? Do they make it better?
Wanted Was the article new and if so has it filled in a blank?
Popular Is the page popular? Does it get many views?

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Here you can read over previous articles of the month!
Month 1st Article 2nd Article 3rd Article
November 2021 Weekly Rewind Music Box Food Groups
October 2021 Secret Files Fire Switch Gravity Gem
September 2021 Gates Achievements/Where's My Summer? Where's My Water? Featuring XYY
August 2021 Tap/Where's My Mickey? Pipes/Where's My Mickey? Merchandise
July 2021 Plant Cloud Platform/Where's My Mickey?
June 2021 Cranky/Where's My Water? 2 Cranky Duck/Where's My Water? 2 Where's My Perry?
May 2021 Converter Easter Eggs/Where's My Water? 2 Water/Where's My Water? 2
April 2021 Allie/Where's My Water? 2 Ooze/Where's My Water? 2 Purple Water
March 2021 Oil Switch/Where's My Mickey? Fizzle Weed
February 2021 Buried Items Mickey Star Fizzle
January 2021 Y-Switch Gnomes Rock
December 2020 When Life Gives You Lemons 10 Days of Frankenweenie Swampy's Picks
November 2020 Allie Challenges Doof Challenges Mickey's Story
October 2020 Tap Platform/Where's My Perry? Bomb
September 2020 Achievements/Where's My Perry? Ducks/Where's My Water 2 Where's My Water?
August 2020 Swampy's Story Mud Where's My Water? 2
July 2020 Party Swampy/Where's My Water 2 Perry the Platypus
June 2020 Collection Duckies Energy