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Ever wondered what the alligators get up to all day? Take a look at some of their moments!

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Quack! Have you got all the Duckies from Where's My Water? 2 yet?

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Sewer Soap Factory Beach Bayou Woods Pirate Cove Party

Where's My Water? is a mobile puzzle game developed by Creature Feep and published by Disney Mobile, a subsidiary of Disney Interactive Studios. The game was released September 22, 2011. The game can be purchased for a small fee and unlocks Swampy's Story and The Lost Levels. Allie's Story, Cranky's Story and Mystery Duck's Story can be played for with additional In-App Purchases. Where's My Water? 2 is the sequel to the original game. It is free to play for all, but contains ads. Additional ads or In-App Purchases will occur if the player wants to pass the first two locations and continue their progress. The game also introduces Power Ups, which are given as a progress reward or can be obtained with In-App Purchases.
Both of these apps can be purchased via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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