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Where's My Water?: Swampy's Underground Adventures (previously known as Where's My Water? The Show and Where's My Water? The Adventures of Swampy) is a webshow that aired on Disney's kid-aimed YouTube channel, "disneysshows". Teasers were released in August and September, and the show officially premiered on October 18, 2012. A new episode was released every Friday, excluding the first episode which aired on a Thursday. On January 18, 2013, the series concluded with the final episode, Ducky. Episodes of the show have also occasionally aired on Disney Channel.

Main Characters

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  • Swampy is an alligator who lives in the sewers, but unlike the other alligators, he enjoys taking baths. The other alligators like to tamper with his plumbing. He has a crush on Allie, and tries to impress her. Swampy is voiced by Justin T. Bowler, who also provided Swampy's voice in the game.
  • Cranky - is the alpha male and the leader of the alligators. He dislikes humans and as a result, he dislikes Swampy's human-like bathing. In the television series, he is also interested in Allie. Cranky is also voiced by Justin T. Bowler
  • Allie is a female alligator who perceives Swampy as quirky, but charming and sweet. Swampy and Cranky regularly show affection for her, Allie is voiced by Rebecca Metz.
  • Karl is a clueless alligator who is friends with Swampy, Cranky, and Allie. He usually does a lot of dumb actions throughout each episode and appears to have a big appetite, as he is usually seen eating many things in the show.
  • Pushy and Shovey are an alligator duo who have a personal hatred for each other and they tend to fight each other and misbehave, they occasionally act as Cranky's minions.
  • Rubber Duck (Duckie), is Swampy's favorite bath toy. He makes a quacking sound when squeezed and appears many times throughout the show. Swampy takes him through most of his adventures, and he is usually loyal to him.

In addition, Justin T. Bowler also provided the voices of the other male alligators like Karl, Pushy and Shovey in the show.


No. of Episodes Title Name Release Air Date
Episode 1 Meet Swampy October 18, 2012
Swampy finds his shower to be blocked by a fire extinguisher.
Episode 2 Rising Tide October 26, 2012
Swampy finds out giving Water to Algae is not for the best.
Episode 3 Change is Good November 2, 2012
Cranky distracts Swampy from cleaning garbage at Harvey Breaks.
Episode 4 Troubled Waters November 9, 2012
A pair of sunglasses fall into the sewer and land on Swampy's tail.
Episode 5 Under Pressure November 16, 2012
Cranky is listening to some music with three other alligators.
Episode 6 Out to Dry November 30, 2012
Swampy and four other alligators jump into the sewer mains only to discover the water has been dried out.
Episode 7 Sink or Swim December 7, 2012
Swampy, Cranky and Karl become fat from eating too much food.
Episode 8 Stretched Thin December 14, 2012
Swampy and Cranky use glue to climb walls and ceilings.
Episode 9 On Ice December 21, 2012
Swampy, Ducky and the gang enjoy the winter ice.
Episode 10 Boiling Point January 4, 2013
Swampy finds a mysterious balloon that seems to have alien associations...
Episode 11 Double Trouble January 11, 2013
Swampy finds himself in an opposite world.
Episode 12 Ducky January 18, 2013
Ducky tags along with some new friends much to Swampy's disappointment.



  • Disney Channel decided to fit the two minute shorts into their regular programming day, Disney Stores nationwide held a “Swampy Day” previewing episodes in-store, and even on the jumbo screen of the flagship Times Square store.
  • Almost all of the episodes in the series are named after chapters in the mobile game.
    • On Ice, Double Trouble and Ducky are the only episodes that aren't named after a chapter in the mobile game.
    • Surprisingly, there was no episode in the series named after Caution to the Wind, the eighth chapter in the game.