Where's My Water? Wiki
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Water is the primary Fluid in Where's My Water? Featuring XYY and Where's My XiYangYang?. It is the first Fluid introduced to the player, first appearing in Fire vs. Water.


  • Basics
    • Water has a normal consistency in terms of movement. It behaves the same as Toxic Water. Water is needed to complete Weslie levels and to collect Bells. If it enters Wolfie's pipe, the level is failed. Water will also break Lanterns.
  • Reactions with Fluids
    • If mixed with Oil, the Oil rises above the Water, due to its lighter density.
    • If mixed with Hot Oil, the two corrode each other. A minimum of one drop of both Fluids is required for this to happen. Both fluids will be consumed.
    • If mixed with Toxic Water, the Water will be contaminated and become Toxic Water.
  • Notable reactions with Objects
    • Water is consumed by Vines and the Vines grows as a result.
    • Water is evaporated by a Fire Switch.
  • Reactions with Materials
    • Water can put out a fire that burns Wood.