Where's My Water? Wiki
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Water is a fluid in Where's My Perry?. It is the first fluid introduced to the player.


  • Basics
    • Water has a normal consistency in terms of movement. It behaves the same as Sludge and its variants. Water is needed to complete some Perry and Agents levels and to collect Water Gnomes. If it enters Doofenshmirtz's pipe, the level is failed. Water will also kill Evil Gnomes.
  • Reactions with Fluids
    • Water and Sludge do not react but can collide. Sludge is denser than Water, so it will sink below Water when it can.
    • If mixed with Hot Sludge, the Water becomes Steam. The Hot Sludge will be consumed.
    • If mixed with Cold Sludge, the Water freezes. The Cold Sludge will be consumed.
    • Water and Steam do not react or collide.
  • Reactions with Materials
    • If Water makes contact with Ice for long enough, it will freeze up.
  • Notable Reactions with Objects