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Hi there, I'm E12Dragon!
Fan Art

I'm a big fan of the Where's My Water? series. I personally favor the original game more than any other but also like Where's My Water? 2 and Where's My Perry?.

If you need to contact me you can do so on my Message Wall, on Discord or you can email me.

My Where's My Water? Favourites:
Character Object Level
Swampy.png Single Fan Green.png Full of Hot Air.jpg
Swampy Fan Full of Hot Air

My Where's My Water? 2 Favourites:
Character Object Level
WMW2 Swampy.png WMW2 Water Icicles 01.png Paving the Way.jpg
Swampy Icicles Paving the Way

A set of glitches and laughs I have had playing Where's My Water?

Where's My Water? has always been one of my favourite games, but I have other games I like too!

I first found Where's My Water? around 2012, and loved it. To be fair, it was even better then as it had Levels of the Week! Upon the release of Where's My Water? 2, Levels of the Week sadly ceased to function and there wasn't anything left to do.

After downloading Where's My Water? 2, I was quite disappointed with it to be fair. It didn't feel like the original- Energy was an issue, Keys were an issue and ads were an issue. I stopped playing the series shortly after.

Later on, in 2018, an idea sparked in my head- Where's My Water?!. I started to play the series again- the sequel even grew on me! This wiki wasn't the first I joined, but after getting more experienced with FANDOM I searched to see if this wiki existed- and it does. I saw this wiki as a mess, in need of some love so I decided to get cracking. In May 2019, I became a bureaucrat of this wiki and moderate it daily!