Hi there! I'm E12Dragon!

I'm a big fan of the game Where's My Water and I am currently adding and cleaning up as many articles as possible on this wiki. Feel free to simply call me EDragon or E12.

If you need to contact me, please drop a message on the wall, and if you need images for anything with the original game, do not hesitate to ask- image editing is one of my favorite things to do.
E12Dragon Custom Poster

A custom poster I created.

My List of things to do:

E12Dragon Custom Frames Watermarked

A set of glitches and laughs I have had while playing Where's My Water?

  • Add images, clean up and create level Articles for the following chapters:
    • Lost Levels:
      • Weekly Rewind
      • Hearts and Crafts
      • Days of Summer
      • 10 Days of Swampy
    • Cranky's Story:
      • Hunger Pains
      • Bulking Up
      • Overstuffed
  • Create level pages for WMW2, using this format
    • (Level Name)
      • (Level Name)/(Challenge Mode)
  • Create articles for Cranky's Bonus Levels
  • Add "Swampy's Levels" category to all normal Swampy Levels.
  • Add categories to many pages
  • Get better images for tools etc
  • And lots of other things!
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