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This page contains a list of Unused Features from Where's My Water?.


Concrete was a fluid that was in Where's My Water? in version 1.9.0. It behaved the same as Mud, except that it turned to Rock instead of Dirt. Since the code of the mud was the same as the concrete except what it turned into, they are considered to be the same fluid. It could be formed by a mix of Poison Water and Mud. It still exists in the game files so it can be obtained by hacking. Concrete is difficult to find as 1.9.0 version keep crashing and hacking levels was difficult but we did find this video showcasing concrete https://youtu.be/_6rIQKd_fuM

Swampy Crying


The swampy crying

If you failed the level or Cranky challenge before 2013, Swampy cried in two ways:

  • Crying with mouth closed (white teeth)
  • Crying with mouth open (yellow teeth)

As of 2013 Swampy no longer cries after you fail his levels in Where's My Water?. Instead, he just mopes if you fail a level. The files for this animation still exists.

This animation appears to be a literal interpretation of the phrase "crocodile tears", However, which ironically refers to fake crying.


Levels of the Week

Levels of the Week was a feature in Where's My Water?. It was removed in a future update, but parts of it still exist in game files.

Dry Mud Converter

A converter that converts other fluid into dry mud exists in game files (converter_static_mud_dry.hs) but doesn't appear in any of the levels.

Unused Levels


This is a Mystery Duck level test, as suggested by the name and the fact it has a Mega Duck.[1]


This level is an early version of Aqua Tool. The final version is located at CR_aqua_tool. [2]