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Troubled Waters (episode)
Episode 4
Airdate November 9, 2012
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Troubled Waters is the fourth episode of Where's My Water: Swampy's Underground Adventures.


The episode starts when a pair of sunglasses fall into the sewer. While Swampy is picking up things, the sunglasses fall onto his tail. He tries to grab them off, but apparently, Swampy's tail has grown a mind of its own. It wanders off in the sewer, dragging Swampy with it. All the alligators are impressed with Swampy's cool tail.

The tail then comes up to Cranky, who laughs at it while having some food. Unfortunately for Swampy, his tail starts fighting with Cranky and beats him up.

Allie is then encountered by the tail, which seems to develop a liking for her tail. It disapproves however, slapping Swampy's tail. Allie tucks away her own tail and she walked away, angered. Though Swampy was far more angered than Allie, has had enough of this and he tries to grab his tail once again, however it runs away.

Swampy chases his tail around the sewer until he finally grabs it and lands in the water. Seeing Swampy's rubber duck, the tail tries to get it until Swampy knocks its sunglasses off, turning it into his normal tail again. Swampy reunites with his ducky and his tail, but then another alligator is shown about to eat garbage. The sunglasses, which were knocked into the river land on Karl's tail, causing it to grow a mind of its own, like Swampy's tail. He sees the tail, and then offers it garbage as the episode ends.

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