Chapter Troubled Waters
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Troubled Waters Cutscene

Troubled Waters is the second chapter of Swampy's Story. Swampy is now being laughed at by all the other alligators, even Cranky, because the alligators poisoned the water and Swampy won't go in his bath. Instead, he is in a boat. The previous chapter is Meet Swampy and the next is Under Pressure.

You are introduced to

-Ooze (First in 2-6)


2-1: Can You Take Me Higher?

2-2: Smash Them Together

2-3: Before It Grows

2-4: Long Journey

2-5: There and Back Again

2-6: Act Fast!

2-7: What Goes Up...

2-8: One Stream

2-9: One Step at a Time

2-10: Make a Wave

2-11: Double Jump

2-12: Bunker

2-13: Level It Out

2-14: Mind the Gap

2-15: Boomerang

2-16: Stop, Drop, and Catch

2-17: Conversion

2-18: The Unstoppable Ooze

2-19: Orbit

2-20: Half and Half