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For the fluids in Where's My Water? and Where's My Water? 2, see Poison Water and Purple Water.
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Toxic Water is a Fluid in Where's My Water? Featuring XYY. It is the fourth fluid that is introduced to the player, first appearing in Purple Danger.


  • Basics
    • Toxic Water has a normal consistency in terms of movement. It behaves the same as Water. Toxic Water will fail all levels and kill both Bells and Lanterns.
  • Reactions with Fluids
    • If mixed with Water, the Water will be contaminated and become Toxic Water.
    • If mixed with Oil, the former turns to more Oil.
    • If mixed with Hot Oil, the two form an explosion. A minimum of one drop of both fluids is required for this to occur. Both fluids will be consumed.
  • Notable Reactions with Objects
    • Toxic Water clears Vines, but in a different way than Hot Oil and more like Poison Water from Where's My Water?.
    • Toxic Water makes an explosion upon collision with a Fire Switch.