Tools are a set of devices that help the player complete levels in Where's My Water?


Pipe Drain Nozzle

Pipes are a tool in Where's My Water that are used to transfer fluids. Pipes have different parts and variants for different uses, such as drains and nozzles.



Wheels are part of the pipe that release liquids. To turn on the wheel you press and hold the wheel. When you let go then the wheel stops and whatever was coming out will stop.


Trigger Switch
Trigger Pad

Triggers are what activate anything with the same color, such as Metal Platforms, Fans, Vacuums and more.

Trigger Pads that are activated only when when the fluid sits on the Trigger pad, and stops moving when the fluid stops touching the Trigger pad.


Gates are moved by the player and act as a wall, to stop liquids to pass, or to redirect them somewhere else. Some Gates are slowly close by themselves, but most will stay in the position the player puts them in.



Converters are an attachment to Pipe Lines. Any fluid that passes through will be converted to a selected Fluid. Some Converters can have their outputs changed on the player's desire.



Balloons are a tool which hold fluids. When Balloons hold their maximum capacity, Balloons can hold enough water for Swampy, and fall at a different speed. When a Balloon has Steam in it, it will float up instead. Balloons can be popped by various things, so be careful!

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