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The Puppetmaster is the third chapter of Perry's Story in Where's My Perry?. The previous mission is A Thousand Times Over and the next is The Fall of Major Monogram.


WMP Fluid Hot Sludge.png WMP Fluid Cold Sludge.png WMP Tap Neutral.png
Hot Sludge Cold Sludge Tap


Boiler Maker Start.jpg Liquidation Start.jpg Smokestack Start.jpg Ice Bridge Start.jpg
Boiler Maker Liquidation Smokestack Ice Bridge
Ice Maker Start.jpg Rise and Fall (Perry) Start.jpg Big Red Button Start.jpg Double Tap Start.jpg
Ice Maker Rise and Fall Big Red Button Double Tap
Note the Manually Operated Spout Start.jpg Connect the Ice Start.jpg Ice Skating Start.jpg Block of Ice Start.jpg
Note the Manually Operated Spout Connect the Ice Ice Skating Block of Ice
Fill In The Cracks Start.jpg Opposites Explode Start.jpg The Many Many Uses of Sludge Start.jpg Down Up Down Start.jpg
Fill In The Cracks Opposites Explode The Many Many Uses of Sludge Down Up Down
Under The Frozen Waterfall Start.jpg Over The Wall Start.jpg Two Shot Wonder Start.jpg Ka-Boom! Start.jpg
Under The Frozen Waterfall Over The Wall Two Shot Wonder Ka-Boom!

Bonus Levels

Run the Gauntlet Start.jpg Push Over Start.jpg
Run the Gauntlet Push Over

Ending Cutscene (after Level 20)

Perry bounces of the seat hits the screen and falls flat on the ground. The screen turns on to show that Dr Doofenshmirtz with a puppet of Major Monogram. Perry then looks shocked. Dr Doofenshmirtz explains that he is good now while trying to impersonate Major Monogram. Major Monogram then comes in and says what's going on here. The puppet then breaks and Dr Doofenshmirtz leaves. Perry then walks away.