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The Lost Levels, or simply Lost Levels is a bonus story, and the fifth story in Where's My Water?. It is the fourth story in an older version and it comes with the app purchase, along with Swampy's Story. The Lost Levels contains four chapters, which have levels from the removed Levels of the Week, or from deleted limited-time chapters. It was first released in May 2012.


Chapter Weekly Rewind.png Chapter Days of Summer.png Chapter Hearts and Crafts.png Chapter 10 Days of Swampy.png
Days of
Hearts and
10 Days of



  • Hearts and Crafts and 10 Days of Swampy has 11 levels. Days of Summer has 13 levels and Weekly Rewind has 16 levels.
  • The title is a reference to the Nintendo Video Game: Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels.
  • Only Swampy levels appear in this story.
  • The player can earn Achievements from tri-ducking the chapters despite the Lost Levels not being a direct part of Swampy's Story.
  • One Cranky Challenge is available in the Lost Levels; namely so Switch Which Switch? (3-7).
  • Interestingly, you can go above the expected 141 ducks by tri-ducking the 4 bonus levels bringing the total to 153/141.
  • Bonus Levels can be unlocked but are not unlocked through a collection.
  • All chapters but Weekly Rewind were limited time chapters.
  • The removed Sink or Swim ending cutscene can be found after completing the level Around the World (4-10)