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The Lost Levels, or simply Lost Levels is a bonus story in Where's My Water. The Lost Levels contain four chapters, which have levels from the removed Levels of the Week, or from deleted limited-time chapters. It was first released in May 2012.



  • Most of the chapters in this package has 11 levels. Only Days of Summer has 13 levels and Weekly Rewind has 15 levels.
  • The title is a reference to the Nintendo Video Game: Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels.
  • Only Swampy levels appear in this story.
  • The player can earn achievements from tri-ducking the chapters despite the Lost Levels not being a direct part of Swampy's Story.
  • One Cranky Challenge is available in the Lost Levels; namely so Switch Which Switch? (3-7).
  • Interestingly, you can go above the expected 141 ducks by tri-ducking the 4 bonus levels bringing the total to 153/141.
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