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Taps are an object in Where's My Water? first appearing in Swampy's Story (Under Pressure).


  • Taps are part of pipes that release Fluids.
  • Taps are an addition to the nozzle of a pipe. If the nozzle has a grey wheel, the tap will release a fluid connected to it via a drain when pressed. However, coloured taps are not linked to a drain and release an unlimited source of the respective fluid from the list below:


Description Sound
Tap is Pressed
Tap is Released
Water is Released
Poison Water is Released
Ooze is Released
Steam is Released
Mud is Released


  • When a mud or switchable Converter is connected to a gray tap, it releases mud in its wettest form.
    • In theory, Converters attached to gray taps with no presence of a drain (this is seen when a converter is set to mud) would not produce an infinite source of fluid (as gray taps are linked to drains), but they are modified so that they do.
    • Taps linked to switchable converters used to be blue.
  • Mud taps usually produce mud that dries instantly or nearly instantly, but a level in the Lost Levels, Down the Chimney breaks the rule and produces wet mud.
  • When Levels of the Week were still in the game, a light brown tap can be found on the level Motion of the Ocean. This would produce mud in its driest form, just like the brown wheel today. This tap still remains in the game files, which can be seen below.
    WMW Tap Unused.png