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Switches are an Object in Where's My Mickey? first appearing in When Life Gives You Lemons.


  • Switches activate Platforms when they themselves are activated with Water.
    • Once it is activated, it and the Platform connected to it stays in its new state.
  • When Fizzle interacts with a Switch, the Switch will be destroyed and will produce smoke. The Switch will "deactivate" alongside the connected Platform if it has been activated by Water previously. If the Switch has not yet been activated, it will still be destroyed and will not be able to be activated later by Water.
  • Multiple switches can appear on a level, but no more than four will appear which are split into different colors with different symbols.


Description Sound
Switch is Activated
Switch is Destroyed


  • Where's My Mickey is the only game where switches have a different sound.
  • Purple switches are only seen in the XL version of the game.