WMW2 Swampy

Swampy is an anthropomorphic alligator and the main protagonist of the Where's My Water? 2.


Swampy is a very calm, happy and bubbly alligator. He may be shy but he is loving, and never shows hatred or aggression to other alligators. Unlike his original counterpart, Swampy is much younger in both his appearance and personality. Swampy's actions show he is much more like a child, who loves to have fun. Swampy also loves his Rubber Duck.

Swampy is the Sewer's most clean alligator. He takes baths regularly, but in doing so only wants to bath in plain water.


Swampy takes on the appearance of an anthropomorphic short green alligator that walks on two legs and he is the smallest alligator in the sewer, only slightly shorter than Allie. His eyes have blue irises and he has a long curvy tail with purple rounded scales running down it and his back.

Compared to his original counterpart, Swampy is completely redesigned, he's much darker and has three teeth poking out of his mouth instead of five; two on the left side, one on the right.




WMW2 Room with Swampy Fail 7
  • Though it's difficult to reproduce, Swampy can "reject" water in the same way when failing with either Purple Water or Ooze. It can be reproduced in challenges as seen here.
  • Usually, Swampy has two teeth sticking out on either side (as seen in Duck Rush). However, at times, he has three teeth poking out of his mouth; two on the left side, one on the right.
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