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Swampy's Story is the first story in Where's My Water?. Swampy's Story is included in the App Payment, alongside the Lost Levels. In this story, the player must help Swampy with his broken shower. Swampy loves to be clean, unlike most of the other alligators, but Cranky and the other alligators have now sabotaged his shower and have broken Swampy's pipe system. Now the player must help Swampy by guiding the Water back to Swampy's bathtub by using all their puzzle-solving skills, and their finger! There are ten chapters in this story.

In Where's My Water? Free, the first 5 levels of the first and third chapters as well as the second to sixth levels of the second chapter are available to play.


Icon Chapter Requirements Date Released
Chapter Meet Swampy.png Meet Swampy N/A September 22, 2011
Chapter Troubled Waters.png Troubled Waters 25 Swampy Ducks
Chapter Under Pressure.png Under Pressure 65 Swampy Ducks
Chapter Sink or Swim.png Sink or Swim 125 Swampy Ducks
Chapter Change is Good.png Change is Good 185 Swampy Ducks October 22, 2011
Chapter Boiling Point.png Boiling Point 245 Swampy Ducks November 30, 2011
Chapter Stretched Thin.png Stretched Thin 305 Swampy Ducks January 25, 2012
Chapter Caution to the Wind.png Caution to the Wind 365 Swampy Ducks March 8, 2012
Chapter Rising Tide.png Rising Tide 425 Swampy Ducks April 5, 2012
Chapter Out to Dry.png Out to Dry 485 Swampy Ducks June 28, 2012



  • After completing a level, a curtain closes (Covering the screen) and a silhouette of Swampy singing can be seen behind it. The player can tap on the curtain to move it from left to right.
  • Prior to an unknown update in 2013, Swampy would cry if you failed a level. This was replaced with him moping.
  • The fanfare that plays when you finish a level changes depending on the amount of Ducks the player collected.
  • Other Characters except for Cranky who appears at the bottom of long levels only appear in Cutscenes.
  • There is a total of six level songs (although two have been removed) in Swampy's Story. These play in a successive order and change when the player either finishes a level or goes back to the menu. Swampy's Story has the most level songs, as Cranky's has four (although one has been removed), the Mystery Duck's has three and Allie's only has two.
  • Like in the Level Select page, the walls are colored in the following order: Yellow, Violet, Green, Pink.