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Stretched Thin (episode)
Episode 8
Airdate December 14, 2012
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Stretched Thin is the eighth episode of Where's My Water: Swampy's Underground Adventures.


The episode starts with Swampy walking. He accidentally steps on a bottle of glue, causing it to release a string of glue that goes from the ceiling to the floor. He accidentally steps on it again, causing his foot to get stuck. He fiddles with the glue for a short time, squeezing and getting his feet stuck. However, he starts to hatch an idea.

Swampy climbs up the glue string and uses his glue-covered feet to stick to the ceiling. He plays a prank on Cranky by stealing his garbage and drawing a face on it,one of the glue fell. Angered, Cranky meets up with Swampy while using glue on his feet and meeting him on the ceiling and they fight over the garbage, only to find that their hands are stuck to it. Karl sees them and laughs at them, some of the glue fell on his arm, to eat garbage with it, until the glue starts to weaken, Swampy and Cranky fall from the ceiling,exploding the 2 garbage bags. To make matters worse, the glue sticks the three together with the garbage,them looking like a Yin Yang. They try to move to get unstuck by looking like a Three-Headed Dog,The Statue of Liberty and a big ball. but they keep rearranging themselves one by one. They eventually land in the river and start floating away.

In another part of the sewer, Allie, Pushy and Shovey are fishing. They eventually all catch the stuck trio, who finally get unstuck when Allie and the two pull their fishing rods. However, Pushy and Shovey find the glue bottle and fight over it, causing glue to go everywhere. The episode ends.

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