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Stretched Thin is the seventh chapter of Swampy's Story and was released in 2012. The previous chapter is Boiling Point and the next is Caution to the Wind.


Balloon Water.png WMW Thorns Type 1.png
Balloon Thorns


Drop and Pop!.jpeg Burst Your Bubble.jpeg Geyser.jpeg Balloon Bridge.jpeg Jagged Edge.jpeg
Drop and Pop Burst Your Bubble Geyser Balloon Bridge Jagged Edge
Down the Hatch.jpeg Trust Fall.jpeg Waterbed.jpeg Up and Over.jpeg Mirror Image.jpeg
Down the Hatch Trust Fall Waterbed Up and Over Mirror Image
Juicer.jpg Hot Air Balloon.jpeg Bankshot.jpeg Pipe Organ.jpeg Balloon Journey.jpeg
Juicer Hot Air Balloon Bankshot Pipe Organ Balloon Journey
Be Careful Burning Bridges.jpeg Might as Well Jump.jpg Booby Trap Staircase.jpg Easily Swayed.jpeg Balloon Gauntlet.jpg
Be Careful Burning Bridges Might as Well Jump Booby Trap Staircase Easily Swayed Balloon Gauntlet

Bonus Levels

Balloon Maze.jpeg Tilt with Caution.jpeg
Balloon Maze Tilt with Caution



  • Every level in Stretched Thin contains at least one Balloon.