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Steam is the second fluid that is introduced to the player, first appearing in the Sewer. It is a substance that is primarily used in Allie Levels in Where's My Water? 2. Steam fills up Allie Ducks and provides her with steam to complete all her levels.


  • Basics
    • Steam is the lightest fluid and defies gravity and moves upward. It moves at a medium pace and does not bounce well. Steam is required to complete Allie levels and to collect Allie Ducks. Steam will not kill any Ducks. Steam cannot enter Swampy's or Cranky's pipes.
  • Reactions with Fluids
    • Steam does not react with any fluid.
  • Notable Reactions with Objects
    • Steam can pass through Algae.
    • Steam is converted into Water/Purple Water/Ooze when it comes into contact with an Icicle.
    • Steam can be held by Balloons and causes them to float, whether the Steam be under or in the Balloon.



  • Players often hear "singing" when Steam comes out of a pipe.