WMW2 Location Soap Factory

The Soap Factory is the second location in Where's My Water? 2. The previous location is the Sewer and the next is the Beach

List of Levels

Level 16: Pipe Dream (Swampy, Avoid It!, Melody, Driller )

Level 17: Tap Water (Swampy, Melody )

Level 18: U-turn (Allie, Upside Down, Driller )

Level 19: Full Steam Ahead (Duck Rush )

Level 20: Jump For Joy (Swampy, Upside Down, Melody )

Level 21: Mean Green Water Eating Machine (Swampy, Melody, Upside Down )

Level 22: Purple Mountains Majesty (Swampy, Duck Swap, Avoid It!, Guest Star )

Level 23: Part Down the Middle (Cranky, Avoid It!, Guest Star, Melody )

Level 24: Green Means Go (Allie, Melody, Upside Down )

Level 25: Thingamabob (Duck Rush )

Level 26: Rise and Fall of the Green Empire (Swampy, Driller, Upside Down, Guest Star )

Level 27: U Complete Me (Allie, Melody, Upside Down )

Level 28: Making Sacrifices (Duck Rush )

Level 29: Growth Spurt (Cranky, Melody, Avoid It!

Level 30: What Does It Mean? (Cranky, Duck Swap, Driller )

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