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The Soap Factory is the second location in Where's My Water? 2. The previous location is the Sewer and the next is the Beach.


WMW2 Tap Water.png WMW2 Algae.png
Tap Algae

List of Levels

Pipe Dream.jpg Tap Water.jpg U-turn.jpg Full Steam Ahead.jpg Jump For Joy.jpg
Pipe Dream Tap Water U-turn Full Steam Ahead Jump For Joy
Mean Green Water Eating Machine.jpg Purple Mountains Majesty.jpg Part Down the Middle.jpg Green Means Go.jpg Thingamabob.jpg
Mean Green Water Eating Machine Purple Mountains Majesty Part Down the Middle Green Means Go Thingamabob
Rise and Fall of the Green Empire.jpg U Complete Me.jpg Making Sacrifices.jpg Growth Spurt.jpg What Does it Mean?.jpg
Rise and Fall of the Green Empire U Complete Me Making Sacrifices Growth Spurt What Does it Mean?


  • If the player taps Swampy, he will pose with "Shampoo hair".
  • If the player taps Allie, she pops a bubble and giggles.
  • If the player taps Cranky, he burps a bubble out.