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Not to be confused with the level Sliders.
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Sliders are an object in Where's My Water? 2 first appearing in the Bayou.


  • Sliders are similar to Platforms but are controlled by the player and not by Switches.
  • Sliders are made up of boxes, and at least one, will have the "touch box". Sliders can work in three different ways:
    • Have a pivot point where an additional gear symbol is. No tracks will be present.
    • Have fixed rails and slide along them when moved. They will remain in the last position when the player lets go.
    • Have unfixed rails and slide along them when moved. This type will fall back when the player lets go.


  • For an unknown reason, the Where's My Water? slider box texture is reused whereas the platform doesn't reuse textures from Where's My Water.