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Sink or Swim is the fourth chapter of Swampy's Story. The previous chapter is Under Pressure and the next is Change is Good.




Logic Gates.jpeg Momentum 101.jpeg Water Golf.jpeg Bridge Builder.jpg Fling Shot.jpeg
Logic Gates Momentum 101 Water Golf Bridge Builder Fling Shot
Ricochet.jpeg Water Pump.jpeg Nice Clogs.jpeg Curse of the Algae Beard.jpeg Sliders.jpeg
Ricochet Water Pump Nice Clogs Curse of the Algae Beard Sliders
They've Got Chemistry.jpeg Skeet Shooting.jpeg Sprinkler.jpeg Rhythm Nirvana.jpeg Figure Eight.jpeg
They've Got Chemistry Skeet Shooting Sprinkler Rhythm Nirvana Figure Eight
Create and Destroy.jpeg The Grid.jpeg Under the Radar.jpeg Dangerous Slope.jpeg Rinse Cycle.jpg
Create and Destroy The Grid Under the Radar Dangerous Slope Rinse Cycle

Bonus Levels

Build and Tilt.jpeg Beehive.jpeg
Build and Tilt Beehive



  • WALL-E appears in one of the trash piles in the clip at the beginning.
  • Originally After beating Rinse Cycle (4-20) there is a cutscene where Swampy starts a date with Allie and makes Cranky jealous.
  • This is a major point in Swampy's life because Allie is turned good and now Swampy doesn't have to be so scared of the other gators.