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WMW2 Location Sewer.png

The Sewer is the first location in Where's My Water? 2. The next location is the Soap Factory.


WMW2 Fluid Water.png WMW2 Fluid Purple Water.png Fluid Steam.png Pipe Drain Nozzle.png WMW2 Switch Red.png WMW2 Platform Red.png
Water Purple Water Steam Pipes Switch Platform

List of Levels

New Beginnings.jpg Dig Deep.jpg Split Second Decision.jpg Floodgate.jpg Divide and Conquer (WMW2).jpg
New Beginnings Dig Deep Split Second Decision Floodgate Divide and Conquer
Switch It Up.jpg Steam-biotic Relationship.jpg Steam Conductor.jpg Rising to the Challenge.jpg Look Both Ways WMW2.jpg
Switch It Up Steam-biotic Relationship Steam Conductor Rising to the Challenge Look Both Ways
Hot Off the Presses.jpg Keep Them Separated.jpg Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole!.jpg Just Add Water.jpg Two Worlds Collide.jpg
Hot Off the Presses Keep Them Separated Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole! Just Add Water Two Worlds Collide



  • If the player taps Swampy, he will kiss his Duck.
  • If the player taps Allie, she will practice being an "Orchestra Conductor".
  • If the player taps Cranky, he will swipe at flies.