WMW2 Location Sewer

The Sewer is the first location in Where's My Water? 2. The next location is the Soap Factory.

List of Levels

Level 1: New Beginnings (Swampy )

Level 2: Dig Deep (Duck Rush )

Level 3: Split Second Decision (Swampy, Upside Down )

Level 4: Floodgate (Swampy, Avoid It! )

Level 5: Divide and Conquer (Swampy, Avoid It! )

Level 6: Switch It Up (Swampy, Driller )

Level 7: Steam-biotic Relationship (Swampy, Avoid It! )

Level 8: Steam Conductor (Allie, Upside Down )

Level 9: Rising to the Challenge (Duck Rush )

Level 10: Look Both Ways (Allie, Avoid It!, Upside Down )

Level 11: Hot Off the Presses (Allie, Upside Down )

Level 12: Keep Them Separated (Swampy, Driller, Avoid It! )

Level 13: Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole! (Duck Rush )

Level 14: Just Add Water (Cranky, Upside Down )

Level 15: Two Worlds Collide (Cranky, Avoid It!, Driller, Upside Down)

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