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Rock is a Material in Where's My Water? Featuring XYY and Where's My XiYangYang?, first appearing in Fire vs. Water.


  • Basics
    • Rock is a Material that is similar to Dirt but cannot be dug. It can hold and guide Fluids.
    • Rock can be blown up by an explosion.
  • Sources
    • Aside from existing when a level is started, Rock can be formed when Oil comes into contact with Vines.


  • Rock is brown and Brick like in Weslie levels. Small patches of moss can be found between bricks. It is much lighter in the middle of the levels and darker toward the outside of them.
  • Rock is blue and crystal like in Wolfie levels. It is made of several triangular shapes which have different shades to give it a three-dimensional appearance. Wolfie Rock only appears in Where's My XiYangYang?.