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Rock is a Material in Where's My Water? 2 first appearing in the Sewer.


  • Basics
    • Rock is a material that is similar to Dirt but usually cannot be dug. It can hold and guide Fluids.
    • In the Driller challenge mode, Rock behaves the same with the exception that it can be cut- at the cost avoiding something, such as Ducks or Objects.
    • Rock can be blown up by any form of explosion.
    • Rock can be destroyed by the Mystery Duck.
  • Sources
    • Aside from existing when a level is started, Rock can be formed when Ooze comes into contact with Algae


Description Sound
Rock is Cut (Driller Challenge Only)


  • During the making of Where's My Water? 2, the developers wanted a distinct look for Swampy, Allie and Cranky levels. Having various shades of Rock depending on what alligator was in the level was just a part of that.