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Rising Tide (episode)
Episode 2
Airdate October 26, 2012
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Rising Tide is the second episode of Where's My Water?: Swampy's Underground Adventures.


The episode begins with Swampy about to explore a pipe. He checks his map and uses his flashlight (a phone taped to an already broken flashlight) to illuminate a path, where he sees two alligators - Pushy and Shovey - punching each other. Swampy decides not to go this way and explore more of the pipe.

Swampy hears noises and gets frightened, to which he uses his flashlight to discover a small algae blob, who supposedly wants water. Swampy gives it water and continues on his way, not knowing that the blob has started following him. It soaks up some water puddles to grow even bigger. The algae forms another alligator and Swampy is frightened again. The algae takes all of Swampy's water and grows even bigger. Not knowing what to do, Swampy runs off with the algae monster chasing him.

The scene cuts outside with Cranky, Allie, and Karl eating food. Swampy jumps out of the pipe and tries to warn the others, but they ignore Swampy and keep eating. Eventually the algae monster comes and jumps into the water, growing the biggest size of all. Scared, Karl jumps into a tire to stay safe and Allie tries to stop the monster, Karl pulls Allie in the tire. At the same time Cranky is captured by the monster and screams in the top of his lungs.

Just then, a drop of Purple Water from a leaky pipe overhead hits the monster, creates a "dent", and makes the monster roar in pain. Swampy notices this and follows the pipe with his eyes to a Tap, which gives him an idea.

He lures the monster in with his canteen, then sprays the monster with poison, dissolving it. Everyone is safe again, Allie and Karl thank Swampy for defeating the monster; Allie performs a fist bump to the clever alligator. Then the camera zooms out showing Cranky who seems very angry, Allie was worried what was going to happen. Cranky grabs his savior and gives him a hug as Allie watches and Cranky was very happy that Swampy saved the day.

The scene then cuts back to the same pipe that Swampy explored, and shows another blob of algae. Then it shows the top, with water dripping from a smaller pipe, the screen cuts to black and the episode ends.