Chapter Rising Tide
Intro pack 09
Rising Tide is the ninth chapter in Swampy's Story. It was released on April 5, 2012. The previous chapter is Caution to the Wind and the next is Out to Dry.


  • Valves are introduced. (2 way pipes)
  • Pipe with hose


9-1: Change Direction

9-2: Mix It UP!

9-3: Alternating Currents

9-4: One Shot Wonder

9-5: Conjunction Junction

9-6: Time to Split

9-7: Crossing Guard

9-8: Stopped Up

9-9: Stop and Drop

9-10: Keep It UP!

9-11: Rainmaker

9-12: Half Empty

9-13: Octospout

9-14: Exploding Elevator

9-15: Tri-Cycle

9-16: Steam Splitter

9-17: Oozepocalypse

9-18: Levitating Liquids

9-19: Ooze It or Lose It

9-20: Full of Hot Air


All of the alligators are in a house, and swampy is in Cooking. Besides cranky sits on a sofa, and he isn't acting like a mean alligator. The other alligators are messing with swampy's food, crawling underneath a rug, and walking with a toilet paper in the hands.