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Power Ups are a feature in Where's My Water? 2 that help the player complete and tri-duck levels. Power Ups are obtained when Players unlock gates, or via In-App Purchases. Most of them apply to Ducks.

List of Power Ups

WMW2 Power Up Hint.png


While not always considered a Power Up, hints are obtained in the same way but are activated slightly differently. One hint shows enough steps to complete a level, but not tri-duck it.

WMW2 Power Up Vacuum.png


The Vacuum makes ducks suck their Fluids toward them. If obstacles are in the way, such as Rock, the Vacuum will have no effect. Vacuums will not draw harmful fluids to the ducks. This power up is unlocked at Level 5: Divide and Conquer.

WMW2 Power Up Dropper.png


The Dropper fills all ducks up with four drops of there respective fluid, and leaving the last on for the player to get. In levels with Swampy Duckling 8 Ducklings will already be filled leaving only two left. This power up is unlocked at Level 11: Hot Off the Presses.

WMW2 Power Up Absorber.png


The Absorber power up makes ducks collect any fluid, regardless of whether it is the usual one it takes. The Absorber is the most rare power up. This power up is unlocked at Level 15: Two Worlds Collide.