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For the same fluid in the sequel game, see Purple Water.
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Poison Water also known as Contaminated Water is a Fluid in Where's My Water?. It is the second fluid that is introduced to the player, first appearing in Meet Swampy.


  • Basics
    • Poison Water has a normal consistency in terms of movement. It behaves the same as both Water and Mud. Poison Water is needed to complete Cranky levels and to collect Cranky Ducks. If it enters Swampy's pipe or Allie's pipe, the level is failed. Poison Water will kill any other Ducks.
  • Reactions with Fluids
    • If mixed with Water, the Water will be contaminated and become Poison Water.
    • If mixed with Ooze, the two form an explosion. A minimum of one drop of both fluids is required for this to occur. Both fluids will be consumed.
    • If mixed with Mud, the Poison Water will become mud much like how Water does.
    • Poison Water has no reaction with Steam.
  • Notable Reactions with Objects
    • Poison Water clears Algae.
    • Poison Water is converted into Steam when it comes into contact with Hot Coals.
    • Poison Water is converted into Mud when it touches a Mud Patch.

Character Reactions



Description Sound
Poison Water mixes with Water
Poison Water is Released from a Pipe
Poison Water enters Swampy's pipe
Poison Water enters Cranky's pipe