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For the version that is moved by the player, see Slider/Where's My Water?.

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Platforms are an object in Where's My Water? first appearing in Meet Swampy


  • Platforms are a motorized object that move around in a level.
    • They are either pre-activated or activated by a Switch.
  • They are used to open or close areas, control where Fluids go or where other objects can go.
  • Platforms work in three different ways:
    • Pivot on the symbol. No tracks will be present.
    • Move in a certain direction along the symbol on a track.
    • Move in a certain direction along the symbol on a track, but fall back when unpowered. This way requires a Trigger Pad.
      • If either option one or two is powered momentarily by a Trigger Pad, then unpowered, the Platform will stop in its last postion.
  • Platforms have four different symbols, which have their own colour:
    • A red gear.
    • A blue square with squashed sides.
    • A green circle with lines at every 90 degree angle.
    • A purple hexagon.
  • More than one Platform in the same group can be activated by the same Switch.


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