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For the version that is moved by the player, see Slider/Where's My Perry?.

WMP Platform Circle Off.png

WMP Platform Circle Off.png WMP Platform Triangle Off.png WMP Platform Square Off.png WMP Platform Diamond Off.png
WMP Platform Circle On.png WMP Platform Triangle On.png WMP Platform Square On.png WMP Platform Diamond On.png

Platforms are an object in Where's My Perry? first appearing in An Agent I Can Trust


  • Platforms are a motorized object that move around in levels.
    • They are either pre-activated or activated by a Switch.
  • They are used to open or close areas, control where Fluids go or where other objects can go.
  • Platforms work in two different ways:
    • Pivot on the symbol. No tracks will be present.
    • Move in a certain direction along the symbol which will be attacked to a track.
  • Platforms have four different symbols, which have their own colour:
    • A circle. Is a dark purple when off and a magenta when on.
    • A triangle. Is dark green when off and light green when on.
    • A square. Is brown when off and orange when on.
    • A diamond. Is dark blue when off and light blue when on.
  • More than one Platform in the same group can be activated by the same Switch.


Description Sound
Platform Moves
Platform Stops


  • Depending on the number of platforms on a level, the same shapes will usually appear:
    • If only one platform is on a level, a circle will appear.
    • If two platforms are on a level, a circle and a triangle will appear.
    • If three platforms are on a level, a circle, a triangle and a square will appear.
    • If four platforms are on a level, a circle, a triangle, a square and a diamond will appear.