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The Pirate Cove is the sixth location in Where's My Water? 2. The previous location is the Woods and the next is the Party.

List of Levels

Dead Ends.jpg Low Clearance.jpg Layer Upon Layer Upon Bomb.jpg Rock Garden.jpg Matchstick.jpg
Dead Ends Low Clearance Layer Upon Layer Upon Bomb Rock Garden Matchstick
Bouncy.jpg Jackhammer.jpg Hot Pockets.jpg Ooze Rush.jpg Stop the Rainbows.jpg
Bouncy Jackhammer Hot Pockets Ooze Rush Stop the Rainbows
Blasting Caps.jpg Breaking the Ice.jpg Shockwave.jpg Ice Cold Shower.jpg Cold Fusion Bomb.jpg
Blasting Caps Breaking the Ice Shockwave Ice Cold Shower Cold Fusion Bomb
Double Dribble.jpg Double Bypass.jpg Grand Opening.jpg Blow Up.jpg Through Thicket and Thin.jpg
Double Dribble Double Bypass Grand Opening Blow Up Through Thicket and Thin


  • It is the only location not to feature an addition in the form of an Object, Fluid etc.
  • If the player taps Swampy, he will wear a Pirate Hat and a pull out a Helm.
  • If the player taps Allie, she will dance to her disco lights.
  • If the player taps Cranky, he will eat a small yellow alarm clock