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Pipes are an object in Where's My Water? 2, first appearing in the Sewer.


  • Pipes transport Fluids.
  • Pipes are made up of different parts, with three main ones:
    • Pipe Lines - This is where Fluids move through. You cannot see Fluids moving through it, however.
    • Nozzle - This part releases fluids. Some may also have a Tap, which control when fluids are released. Unlike past games, nozzles do not "queue" fluids, so drains can only collect fluids as fast as the nozzle can expel it, even if a tap is not present.
    • Drain - This part captures fluids. The Drain then takes it to the Pipe Line, where it is released by a nozzle or taken out of the level.


Description Sound
Water is Released
Poison Water is Released
Ooze is Released
Steam is Released