Pipe Drain Nozzle

Pipes are a tool in Where's My Water that are used to transfer fluids. Pipes have different parts and variants for different uses.

Basic Parts

Drain- The drain collects fluids.

Nozzle- The Nozzle dispenses fluids. If it has a Grey Wheel, it requires the player to empty it.

Pipe line- Where fluids move.

Other Parts


Wheels dispense fluids that are in a pipe line under a player's control. If they are colored, the fluid that comes out of it is unlimited, until the level reaches it's limit. Different colors represent different fluids, as stated below; Blue- Water, Purple- Poison Water, Green- Ooze, White- Steam, Light Brown- Dry Mud and Dark Brown- Wettish Mud. Nozzles will only dispense mud in its wettest form if it is linked to a converter.



Vacuums can suck up fluids from a distance. The Fluids are then dispensed from an attached Nozzle. Some Vacuums may need to be activated by a trigger.



Converters are an attachment to a Pipe Line. Fluids that pass through them will be changed to a different fluid depending on what output is selected. Some converters can be changed to convert different fluids.



Valves, or Y-Switches change the direction of where fluids go. Valves first appear in Rising Tide, and so far only have 3 pipes connecting up to them, and input and two outputs.