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Not to be confused with the level called Agent P.
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Perry the Platypus also known as Agent P and simply Perry, is an undercover secret agent platypus and the main character of the game Where's My Perry?. In Where's My Perry? Perry has trouble getting to his briefing with Major Monogram as the access tubes have an issue.


Perry lives a double life as a secret agent and as Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus. When Perry is called in for a briefing, the O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) has a problem with the access tubes. Due to that, the player must find him water to run a backup generator in order for him to get to his briefing.



  • Perry makes a cameo in episode 11 of Swampy's Underground Adventures in Double Trouble.
  • Perry is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. One of his most notable "lines" is his "aggravated purr".
  • If the player runs out of water, or all options of obtaining water are impossible, Doofenshmirtz may say that he can't have his.
  • Unlike the original game, Perry levels do not have ducks, but rather have gnomes.
  • Perry levels are the equivalent of both Swampy and Allie levels, as he requires either water or steam.
  • In the trailer of Where's my Perry, instead of landing at the headquarters Perry lands on Swampy's tub while he was taking a shower.

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