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Perry's Story, (as known in-game as Where's My Perry?) is the first story in Where's My Perry?. In this story, the player must guide Water or Steam to Perry so he can attend his meeting all while defeating and avoiding Doofenshmirtz's evil-inators.

In Where's My Perry? Free, the first 5 levels of the first three missions are available to play.


Icon Mission Requirements Date Released
Mission An Agent I Can Trust.png An Agent I Can Trust N/A June 27, 2012
Mission A Thousand Times Over.png A Thousand Times Over 40 Gnomes
Mission The Puppetmaster.png The Puppetmaster 85 Gnomes
Mission The Fall of Major Monogram.png The Fall of Major Monogram 135 Gnomes
Mission A Platypus Never Forgets.png A Platypus Never Forgets 180 Gnomes October 4, 2012
Mission Memoirs of a Monogram.png Memoirs of a Monogram 225 Gnomes December 12, 2012
Mission The Last Laugh.png The Last Laugh 270 Gnomes February 20, 2013
Mission The Voice of Destiny.png The Voice Of Destiny 315 Gnomes May 23, 2013
Mission The Test of a True Agent.png The Test of a True Agent 360 Gnomes ?


  • "Missions" are the equivalent of chapters from the original game.
  • The Mission icons are colored in this order: Blue, Green, Purple, Red.