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The Party or Party in the Park is the final location in Where's My Water? 2. The previous location is the Pirate Cove.


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List of Levels

Rock and Roll.jpg Two parts steam, one part switch.jpg Like a Phoenix.jpg I Like My Bubble.jpg Carrier Pigeon.jpg
Rock and Roll Two parts
steam, one
part switch
Like a Phoenix I Like My
Carrier Pigeon
Canopy Cover.jpg Ramping Down.jpg Let's Bounce.jpg Handle with Care.jpg Protect and Swerve.jpg
Canopy Cover Ramping
Let's Bounce Handle with
Protect and
Switch it up... Again.jpg Rope Bridge.jpg All Down Hill from Here.jpg Stomping Grapes.jpg Heat it Up.jpg
Switch it
up... Again
Rope Bridge All Down Hill
from Here
Heat it Up
Wind Fall.jpg Airlift.jpg Green Herrings.jpg Ducky Hunt.jpg Wave Pools.jpg
Wind Fall Airlift Green
Ducky Hunt Wave Pools


  • The setting is based of Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, which refers to events of the Carnival celebration, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany

Party in the Park.png

  • The alligators don't simply stand around like in the previous locations. Swampy feeds the birds, Allie makes popcorn and Cranky drinks the water.
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