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Ooze is a fluid in Where's My Water? 2. Ooze makes its first appearance in the Beach.


  • Basics
    • Ooze is a slimy fluid. It moves slower and bounces less. This property is not shared with any other fluid. Ooze is also acidic, so it eats through Dirt. Any amount of Ooze will cause any level to fail if it enters Swampy's, Allie's or Cranky's pipe. Ooze will kill any Ducks.
  • Reactions with Fluids
    • If mixed with Water, the two corrode each other. A minimum of one drop of both Fluids is required for this to happen.
    • If mixed with Purple Water, the two form an explosion. A minimum of one drop of both fluids is required for this to occur.
    • Ooze has no reaction with Steam.
  • Notable Reactions with Objects
    • Algae is petrified.
    • Ooze destroys Hot Coals much like how Poison Water kills Algae.
    • Ooze cannot be held by Balloons as it pops the latter. If it makes contact with a Balloon, the Balloon is also popped.
  • Reactions with Alligators
    • If Ooze enters Swampy's pipe, his shower will fill with Ooze and Swampy will jump out of the bathtub (identical to his reaction with Purple Water).
    • If Ooze enters Allie's pipe, her organ will gurgle and the player loses. Allie reacts similarly the same way to Purple Water, except she puts her hands on her hips and sadly sees her organ broken after it produces smoke.
    • If Ooze enters Cranky's pipe, his algae will be converted into Rock and the player fails the level. He roars after looking at the rock and looks at the player with disappointment and anger.