Where's My Water? Wiki
Where's My Water? Wiki

Objects can help and hinder your progress in Where's My Water?. As you go on, more Objects will be unlocked to test your skills!

WMW Pipe Drain Nozzle.png WMW Switch Red.png Platform Red.png WMW Algae.png Bomb.png
Pipes Switch Platform Algae Bomb
WMW Tap Neutral.png Slider.png WMW Trigger Pad Red.png Converter Without Switch Horizontal Water.png WMW Hot Coals.png
Tap Slider Trigger Pad Converter Hot Coals
WMW Icicles Large.png Balloon Water.png WMW Thorns Type 1.png Double Fan Red.png Vacuum Red.png
Icicles Balloon Thorns Fan Vacuum
WMW Y-Switch.png WMW Mud Patch Large.png
Y-Switch Mud Patch