Where's My Water? Wiki

Objects can help and hinder your progress in Where's My Perry?. As you go on, more Objects will be unlocked to test your skills!

WMP Pipe Drain Nozzle.png WMP Celebrate-inator.png WMP Heatinator Off.png WMP Platform Circle Off.png WMP Switch Circle Off.png
Pipes Celebrate-inator Heatinator Platform Switch
WMP Coolinator Off.png WMP Grate Large.png WMP Tap Neutral.png WMP Slider.png WMP Reflectinator.png
Coolinator Grate Tap Slider Reflectinator
WMP Separate-inator Off.png WMP Bomb.png WMP Thorns Type 1.png WMP Sludge-inator Off.png WMP Turfinator Off.png
Separate-inator Bomb Thorns Sludge-inator Turfinator