Aside from rock, dirt, ducks, and fluids, objects make up all the levels in Where's My Water?. As the player gets further into the game, more objects will be unlocked.


Pipe Drain Nozzle
Main article: Pipes

Pipes transport water in Where's My Water? Pipes have different parts and variants for different uses, such as drains and spouts.


Trigger Switch Red
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Triggers are what activate anything with the same color, such as Platforms, Fans, Vacuums and more.

Trigger Pads that are activated only when when the fluid sits on the Trigger pad, and stops moving when the fluid stops touching the Trigger pad.


Platform Red
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Platforms are a 'wall' that can move around on various angles and directions. Platforms are either activated when the levels starts or are activated when by their respective Triggers.


Main article: Algae

Algae is the most common plant based object in Where's My Water? and is the most troubling obstacle in the game. However, it can be beneficial, such as creating bridges with ooze.


Main article: Bomb

Bombs explode and destroy most things when activated by a fluid.


Tap Grey
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Taps are part of the pipe that release liquids. To turn on the tap you press and hold the wheel. When you let go then the tap stops and whatever was coming out will stop.


Main article: Slider

Sliders are a tool that are similar to Platforms but are controlled by the player and not triggers.


Converter Without Switch Horizontal Water
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Converters are an attachment to Pipe Lines. Any fluid that passes through will be converted to a selected Fluid. Some Converters can have their outputs changed on the player's desire.

Hot Coals

Hot Rocks
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Hot coals are an obstacle which is primarily used to turn Water and Poison Water into Steam.


Icicles Large
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Icicles are a obstacle which can convert Steam into Water. It can only be destroyed by the Mystery Duck.


Balloon Large Tied Water
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Balloons are a tool which hold fluids. When Balloons hold their maximum capacity, Balloons can hold enough water for Swampy, and fall at a different speed. When a Balloon has Steam in it, it will float up instead. Balloons can be popped by various things, so be careful!


Thorns Type 1
Main article: Thorns

Thorns act as an obstacle for Balloons. They will pop apon contact. Any fluid will move through it.


Double Fan Red
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Fans blow air around and move any Fluid at any angle to a certain point that it can no longer reach. Fans can be powered by triggers.


Vacuum Red
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Vacuums suck up fluids and dispenses them to another location with a Nozzle. Some Vacuums might have to be activated by a trigger, while some might always be activated.


Y-Switch Type 1
Main article: Y-Switch

Y-Switchs, direct fluids in two different pipes. The player chooses which direction the want.

Mud Patches

Mud Patch Large
Main article: Mud Patch

Mud Patches are an obstacle for water which acts as an 'one time converter', turning Water and Poison Water into Wet Mud.

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