Mystery Duck (Duck form)

Full Mystery Duck

The Mystery Duck is a one of the three type of ducks in the Mystery Duck's story.

Where's My Water?

Mystery Duck Empty


While playing a Mystery Duck level, the Mystery Duck will do one of the following:

  • Stay in his normal form, take five drops of water to fill, but teleport and levitate.
  • Transform into a Mega Duck, and take 20 drops of water to fill but will stay stationary.
  • Transform into 10 Ducklings, taking one drop of water to fill. The ten ducklings stay in one spot.

Unlike the Swampy, Allie and Cranky Ducks the Mystery Duck must be collected in order to proceed to the next level.

Where's My Water? 2

  • In Where's My Water? 2, he will also turn into Cranky's Mystery Duck and Allie's Mystery Duck. First, the player will see him at the level 7. But he is first appears in level 1 as a Mystery Duck. You must catch him 3 times to earn an achievement duckie. He does not appear in Duck Rush levels.
    • Swampy's Mystery Duck looks the same as from its predecessor, Allie's Mystery Duck looks that she is a composer, or magician, or conductor, and Cranky's Mystery Duck looks like a vampire, lacking the use of fangs and blood.
  • If any of the special ducks were not collected when the corresponding fluid enters the outlet or any of the special ducks were killed, the level will now fail instantly.


  • If the Mystery Duck is killed by either an explosion or by some hazardous liquid or when he touches icicles, then he will turn into a skull wearing his top hat to the left instead of the right and makes a painful-sounding quack.
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