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The Mystery Duck's Story is the fourth story in Where's My Water?. It is the third story in an older version. The Mystery Duck's Story is an optional In-App Purchase that puts a magical twist on Swampy's Story. The regular Swampy Ducks are replaced with the teleporting and levitating Mystery Duck, or the water consuming Mega Duck, or a crew of ducklings. If the player doesn't collect the duck(s) on a level, S/he can not go onto the next. The pack cost USD 1.99.

The player can try the first five levels of this pack for free.


Icon Chapter Requirements Date Released
Chapter Meet Swampy.png Meet Swampy N/A June 28, 2012
Chapter Troubled Waters.png Troubled Waters 12 Mystery Ducks
Chapter Under Pressure.png Under Pressure 30 Mystery Ducks
Chapter Sink or Swim.png Sink or Swim 45 Mystery Ducks
Chapter Change is Good.png Change is Good 65 Mystery Ducks
Chapter Boiling Point.png Boiling Point 85 Mystery Ducks September 19, 2012
Chapter Stretched Thin.png Stretched Thin 105 Mystery Ducks
Chapter Caution to the Wind.png Caution to the Wind 125 Mystery Ducks October 30, 2012
Chapter Rising Tide.png Rising Tide 145 Mystery Ducks November 15, 2012
Chapter Out to Dry.png Out to Dry 165 Mystery Ducks