Mystery Duck (Character)

The Mystery Duck is the Host Character of the Mystery Duck Story, as well as one of the 3 ducks used in
Mystery Duck

The Mystery Duck.

his challenges (The other two being Mega Duck & the Ducklings). He's a Professional Magician that knows pretty much every trick in the book (Including quite a few other ones).

He was first introduced in Version 1.7.0, along with the "Out to Dry" Chapter and the game Where's My Perry? which introduced Mud & Muddy Water

"Mystery Duck's Story"

Intro pack 201-HD

Mystery Duck Beginning Cutscene

Mystery Duck serves as the host of the story, where as in each levels he spawn special ducks (being either one Mega Duck or ten Ducklings) or even use himself as the duck used in the level.

When the player starts each chapter, he will do a "disappearing act". Whether using a curtain or just his wand to do this, he will vanish and the curtains will reveal the level afterwords. The player must get the special duck(s) & complete the level normally to proceed to the next level.

His levels are actually Swampy's levels but with the different duck(s) instead of the normal ones and different music depending on the "Duck" selected for that stage.

Like Cranky's, the rest of the levels are locked, and it requires a one-time in-app purchase for $0.99 to unlock the rest of the levels.

Mystery Duck (Item)

In the levels he is "Special Duck," he will teleport (or sometimes levitate) around the stage. He has the same "Water requirement" as a normal duck and makes the same sounds as a normal duck.

Mystery Duck in Where's My Water? 2

  • In Where's My Water? 2, he will also turn into Cranky's Mystery Duck and Allie's Mystery Duck. First, the player will see him at the level 7. But he is first appears in level 1 as a Mystery Duck. You must catch him 3 times to earn an achievement duckie. He does not appear in Duck Rush levels.

Commercial Transcript

  • (The logo says, "The Mystery Duck Theater.")
  • (Mystery Duck hops and teaches magic tricks.)
  • (Swampy walks and goes left and right. The Mystery Duck hops)
  • (Mystery Duck into a live white duck.)
  • Announcer: Introducing the MYSTERY DUCK STORY! With over 100 levels available now and 100 more on the way, the Mystery Duck brings a completely new challenge to Where's My Water. The levels may look familiar, but in the Mystery Duck Story you have to collect all new types of ducks. But you can buy some episodes you can perform.
  • (Bath Curtain closed and the logo and the Mystery Duck and the Mystery Duck logo and the words says, "Performing now on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android Devices.)
  • Announcer: Download Where's My Water where ever you get mobile apps, and expands you experience with the in-app purchase, Mystery Duck.


  • One of his tricks in the trailer is turning himself into a real-life duck, which could mean he's totally aware about the fact he's in a game.
  • He's able to wave his wand even though he never moves his wings (Though he could just be using levitation to do this).
  • He is the only duck that serves as a major character.
  • He is also the only duck to star in his/her own story (Not counting the Pirate Duck, who only appears in the "Lost levels" area).
  • It would appear he is the most intelligent duck in the game, as he's able to behave like (if not more than just) a normal character the game.
  • Fans often call the character "HouDucky", After the famous magician Harry Houdini.
  • The song can be also be heard in the cutscene of "Out to Dry".
  • If the Mystery Duck is killed by either an explosion or by some hazardous liquid, then he will turn into a skull wearing his top hat and make a painful-sounding quack.