The Music Box is where musical instruments that the player finds in Allie's Story are kept. It's similar to Swampy's Collectibles. Three musical instruments unlock one bonus level! There are a total of 24 Musical Instruments and eight bonus levels. 

List of Instruments

Music Box Warming Up

Warming Up

School Band

  • Triangle- Can be found in A1-2, Crossing Steams. "Not for squares"  
  • Xylophone- Can be found in A1-5, Down is Up. "A great use for the letter X" 
  • Tambourine- Can be found in A1-9, Fan with a Plan. "For a singer with empty hands"

Marching Band

  • Tuba- Can be found in A1-13, Crystal Cavern. "Not a trumpet" 
  • Tenor Drum- Can be found in A1-15, BBQ Grill. "Beaten, not stirred' 
  • Cymbals- Can be found in A1-20, Wait For It... "Will crash any performance" 
Music Box Tuning In

Tuning In


  • Saxophone- Can be found in A2-1, Where's My Steam? "Sounds best when wearing sunglasses"
  • Harmonica- Can be found in A2-4, Wrapped in a Bow "Makes singing difficult"
  • Grand Piano- Can be found in A2-7, Clear the Way "Simply Grand"

Classic String

  • Guitar- Can be found in A2-9, Making Rounds "My top pick."
  • Violin- Can be found in A2-13, Round the Bend "Very fiddly."
  • Harp- Can be found in A2-20, Tic Tac Toe "Pillar of the musical community."
Music Box Rising to the Top

Rising to the Top

Polka Band

  • Banjo- Can be found in A3-1, Paths of Mine "Go to Alabama with one of these on your knees."
  • Accordion- Can be found in A3-3, Blow your Mine "Easier to play with one eye patched."
  • Trombone- Can be found in A3-5, Open and Shut "A blast from the brass."

Rock Band

  • Keyboard- Can be found in A3-9, Fan Boy "Lasers and smoke machine sold separately."
  • Drum Kit- Can be found in A3-13, Do Not Touch! "Known as 'Skins, but used to let out your creativity rather than keeping you insides in."
  • Electric Guitar- Can be found in A3-19, Time Bomb "To be played on 11."
Music Box Symphony in Steam

Symphony in Steam

Wind Music

  • Didgeridoo- Can be found in A4-1, Switching Sides "A tribute to all upside down listeners."
  • Pan Flute- Can be found in A4-8, Ready to Rock? "Peter's favorite instrument!"
  • Bagpipes- Can be found in A4-10, Race Against Slime "Filled with hot air.....sounds like Cranky."

World Music

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